Are you Organizing an Event? 

Use this website to sell tickets and manage registration for free events.

There is no charge for free events and our processing fees for ticketed events are competitive. Scroll down for info. about "Ticket Processing Fees" and some of the benefits of selling tickets with Share-There. 

Get Paid Instantly: We use a unique split payment system so when a customer buys a ticket, money gets deposited into your Stripe account right away.  

Free Advertising: Events with tickets for sale or free registration are including on our home page under "Featured Events". Ticketed events are featured in the slideshow on every page of the website. We also actively promote featured events on social media and via word of mouth. 

Encourage Ride Sharing and Environmental Sustainability: Everyone knows that single occupancy vehicle use is bad for the environment but no one seems to know what to do about it. Selling tickets with share-there provides your customers with an easy way to arrange rides to your event and helps to support sustainable transportation choices.

Alleviate Parking Problems: There's nothing worse that arriving at an event and having to park far away from the venue. When more people travel together in the same car, space is freed-up in your parking lot. More people can attend your event when parking is more readily available.

Improve Accessibility: It's up to you to make your event as accessible as possible. Transportation is a barrier for many people living on the Sunshine Coast. Buying tickets in advance from a store-front location, or even getting to an event at all can be difficult. Selling tickets online at allows your customers to buy tickets from the comfort of their own homes and encourages them to share free rides to your events.

Support Local: We live and work here on the Sunshine Coast. Rather than supporting a multinational corporation, sell tickets with us and know that you're helping to support free ride sharing and your local community. 

Ticket Processing Fees

Just like other ticket services, Share-There charges a small processing fee. Our rates are lower than our main competitors AND our unique adaptive payment system means you don't have to wait to get paid. As soon as tickets are purchased you receive proceeds directly to your Stripe account. 

The following fees are automatically added on during the customer check-out process.

  • Share-There charges a per-ticket service fee of 4.5%. Email for a detailed comparison of our rates at various price points.
  • Every on line purchase requires a secure financial processor. We use Stripe and their fees are also automatically charged at 3.5% + $0.30 per sale. Stripe rates are subject to change and are not controlled by Share-There.
  • No processing fees are charged for free events.

Find out all about tickets sales by reading the Ticket Sales Agreement 

Please email or call 604 741 3359 if you want to find out more or need a hand getting started.