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Gibsons Heritage Playhouse
Featuring 19 songs, Woody Sed offers a cascade of 25 colourful characters, all bundled up in a true to life tale. Woody was a prolific and provocative writer, the father of the 1960’s folk revival and, according to Billy Bragg, the first ‘alternative’ musician. Woody Sed is loaded with songs both well known and obscure and each song is framed in a theatrical context. 
The issues that Woody addressed read like a laundry list of the problems that our societies face today: corporate abuses, the rights of workers, environmental disaster, corrupt politics, inequality, racism, fascism, abusive bankers, migrant workers. Woody saw it all and told these stories through his music. That was his great gift, and that’s why his songs live on.
Written and performed by Thomas Jones. Thomas Jones is currently working in Gibsons, BC as part of an ongoing community engagned research project on the lived experience of dementia called Raising The Curtain. Learn more at
“Woody Sed is pure magnificence.” “… his performance is absolutely unforgettable.” - 5 stars – Tom Eremondi, Saskatoon Star Phoenix
“Jones is a natural storyteller who peoples his tales with vibrant portrayals of Guthrie and his friends, switching characters as smoothly as he changes chords on the guitar… the engaging Jones summons back the genial spirit of ol’ Woody for one more concert.” - 5 stars MACLEAN, Edmonton Sun
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Event Location : 662 North Road, Gibsons, BC

11 December 2018 To 11 December 2018
11:00 AM To 1:30 PM
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14 November 2018 To 9 December 2018