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Gibsons Heritage Playhouse

Staged reading of a play by Dorothy Dittrich

The Dissociates takes a darkly comic look at life and death, memory and healing. It is the story of Alex, a 50ish lesbian who finds herself dealing with the aftermath of a recent crisis. Working to repair her garden she tries to assess and reassess, often with broad strokes of gallows humour, how she got where she is. Will the life that Alex remembers prove to be her salvation? 


Two presentations: 
Sat, Jun 29, 7:30pm and Sun Jun 30, 2pm. 
Tickets are also available at the door.  To make these events as accessible as possible, we will accept "pay-what-you-can" at the door.


Produced by Friends of Dorothy with the support of Off the Page.

Questions? Contact Billie at


Sponsored by the Sunshine Coast Credit Union.


Sponsored by the Sunshine Coast Credit Union

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Event Location : 662 N Rd, Gibsons, BC V0N 1V9

30 June 2019 To 30 June 2019
7:00 AM To 8:30 AM
Ticket Booking From
4 May 2019 To 29 June 2019