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C.R. Avery is an East Vancouver-based poet, writer, musician who has been jiving with the undying boundaries of conventional literary limits for the entire span of his career.  

C.R. has dedicated his life’s work to breaking down the barriers of literary and poetic performance.  Rather than categorizing “poetry” or “prose” as artistic acts that exist within a certain time and place, C.R. has found endless avenues to bring his writing to the centre of the stage while combining other elements of his craft to ensnare audiences of all ages, demographics, and artistic tastes. In the trajectory of his career C.R. has celebrated four published books, six musicals mounted in New York, Toronto &  San Francisco. His 18 albums span almost every genre of music from murder ballad country western to Brooklyn DJ based hip-hop to recording with the Prague Symphony Orchestra. Critical acclaim and 5 star reviews has fallowed C.R. on his career span plus he’s sold more albums then conventional pop stars afraid of the endless long lost highway. His first feature film will begin the festival circuit beginning July 2019

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Event Location : 350 GLASSFORD RD, GIBSONS

13 April 2019 To 13 April 2019
12:00 PM To 12:30 PM
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22 March 2019 To 12 April 2019
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