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Cliff Gilker Park

PLEASE NOTE: There will be no parking at Cliff Gilker Park. Click here to find out about transportation options:

The Rainforest Circus – Submerged is just that: a circus that takes place in a forest! It includes aerialists in the trees, original music and soundscape, clown, dance, spoken word and art installations throughout– all inspired by the theme of water.

Imagine an ocean goddess with a dress the size of a parachute suspended from the trees, underwater creatures dancing among the ferns, a troupe of clowns bumbling their way through a gargle choir, live music echoing from cedar to fir to hemlock, and you’ll get what we mean ... Don’t miss this:  it’s a walk in the woods you’ll never forget!

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Event Location : 3110 Sunshine Coast Highway 101, Roberts Creek

29 July 2018 To 29 July 2018
7:30 AM To 8:30 AM
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29 May 2018 To 28 July 2018
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