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High Beam Dreams

The Rakish Angles return after a rainy day last year, to play in this brand new venue for live music in Gibsons Landing. Come out and check it out with this perfect band to fill the room with lots of energetic tunes.

Since forming in 2007, The Rakish Angles - composed of Sara Fitzpatrick (violin, vocals), Simon Hocking (mandolin, vocals), Boyd Norman (bass, vocals), and Dan Richter (guitar, vocals) - have been making their own unique sound. It has been called Newgrass, Latin, gypsy-jazz, old-time music. They bypass the intellectual filters and spark something in the emotional centre of the brain, and they're doing what they're supposed to do.  

A word about the name. 'Rakish' is an adjective meaning, 'having or displaying a dashing, jaunty or slightly disreputable quality or appearance.' How this embodies the band, it can't quite be told exactly. Sure, you'll probably find them jaunty and jovial, but they ain't so disreputable. They're family people. They swim with no clothes on. They sing into one collective microphone. They themselves are warm, wooden-timbred, natural, mysterious folk - much like the place where they live.

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Event Location : 350 Glassford Road Gibsons BC

16 June 2018 To 16 June 2018
12:30 PM To 2:45 PM
Ticket Booking From
20 May 2018 To 15 June 2018