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kalax-ay the Sunshine Coast Campus of Capilano University

Entrepreneurship with Webmaking

May 11, 2019 is National Girls Learning Code Day - so we are inviting all kids to learn some new STEAM skills together - #glcCodeDay

* this session is designed for all kids - with no prior coding / web making experience OR with lots of experience and wanting to learn from web pro's

In this workshop, ideal for kids (boys and girls) ages 9-12 'ish, we will learn skills in entrepreneurship and web making in a hands-on, collaborative format. 

Kids will use a variety of tools to generate ideas on a topic they are interested in exploring and building into a live web site; using HTML and CSS.

Learners will have to option to work in groups to ideate, gather findings, create, and demo their projects.

The session is organized by the Kids Lab for Digital Arts and mentored by women and men from the Sunshine Coast tech community.

No prior coding skills are needed.  Kids with some coding/web making experience will have the opportunity to learn more advanced skills.

The session is being generously hosted by kalax-ay the Sunshine Coast Campus of Capilano University in Sechelt in their computer lab.

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Event Location : 5627 Inlet Ave, Sechelt

11 May 2019 To 11 May 2019
6:00 AM To 9:00 AM
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24 April 2019 To 24 April 2019