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Stories celebrating mothers on Mothers Day weekend.

Written and perfored by Caitlin Hicks

Piano & Vocals - Anna Lumiere and Gord Halloran


Caitlin Hicks is an international playwright, acclaimed performer and prize-winning author in British Columbia, Canada. A natural talent, Hicks learned to be onstage entertaining her enormous Catholic family with home-made skits and dramas. Her passion to perform onstage was fueled by an early need to be heard above the din of so many other voices.

As a professional, touring character-based monologues and theatrical presentations, Hicks developed the ability to hold an audience in suspenseful silence, raucous laughter and tears. Touring internationally as an author, playwright and actor, Hicks met thousands of people through her work in England, Ireland, Sweden, Canada, the United States and Amsterdam. Now, she deeply enjoys connecting to audiences on a visceral, intimate level through performance.


Hicks has written in many forms: Monologues from several of her plays are featured in Smith & Kraus’ series Best Women’s Stage Monologues (2000) (New York). She wrote the play, later adapted for the screen, Singing the Bones, which debuted at the (2001) Montreal World Film Festival to stellar reviews and screened around the world.

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10 May 2019 To 10 May 2019
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