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Winegarden Park

THIS SHOW WILL NOW BE FREE in Winegarden Park - Part of the Gibsons Lantern Festival!

A very special performance with Michael Occhipinti with Lester McLean, who has been a long time presence on the scene in Toronto.  Audiences love him because he does just about everything (sings, plays guitar, sax, and percussion) with incredible spirit.  ..."Bill Withers, Stevie Wonder, and Bob Marley meet The Beatles, Bruce Cockburn, and Neil Young, all with a jazz musician’s intelligence."

If you are a Legion Member, show your membership at the door with your ticket and recieve a $3 Rebate!

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Event Location : Lower Gibsons

27 July 2019 To 27 July 2019
1:00 PM To 4:45 PM
Ticket Booking From
5 June 2019 To 25 July 2019