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The Sunshine Coast Volunteer Centre welcomes David Sheach of the BC Association for Charitable Gaming (BCACG) to present a FREE workshop on Community Gaming Grants to our community on March 28th!

The BCACG is a non-profit society that represents and supports community groups applying for a Community Gaming Grant.

Executive Director, David Sheach, will present this information workshop that will help you prepare an accurate application and manage the funding per the conditions of the grant - and answer your questions too!

Applications are accepted by sector and you are encouraged to submit your applications early.

Arts and Culture
Apply from Feb 1 - May 31
Final notification: Aug 31

Apply from Feb 1 - May 31
Final notification: Aug 31
Public Safety
Apply from Jul 1 - Aug 31
Final notification: Nov 30

Apply from Jul 1 - Aug 31
Final notification:  Nov 30
Human and Social Services
Apply from Aug 1 - Nov 30
Final notification: Feb 28







This workshop will review the eligibility requirements, program description and details, budget, in-kind support, volunteers and key considerations when accounting for activities.

To find out more, contact David:, or 1.888.672.2224.

Consider supporting the work of the BCACG and the Sunshine Coast Volunteer Centre by becoming a member:

JOIN THE BCACG:   The annual fee is $50/year if you get less than $50,000 and $100/year if you get more than $100,000 in Community Gaming Grant funding. A membership application is available to print from the website.

JOIN THE VOLUNTEER CENTRE:  Annual membership fee is $30 for local organizations, and $50 for Provincial / Federal agencies.  Visit our website or the Sechelt Visitor Centre to apply.


Tue, March 28th, 2017 3:00 PM
Tue, March 28th, 2017 6:00 PM
Community Gaming Grant Workshop
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