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Carlos is a harmonica virtuoso having won numerous national and international awards for his unique playing style. Simultaneously sophisticated and raw, his playing blurs the boundaries between blues and jazz (ergo, “The Blues Mongrels”). Carlos and band deliver a seamless fusion of everything from swing to Latin, second line New Orleans grooves to swampy folk roots melodies, even a couple “world music” melodies.

Their new CD Hang On features Eric St. Laurent and Henry Heillig on guitar and bass respectively, some back- up vocals from Jimmy Bowskill, with Kevin Breit playing mandolin and 12 sting resonator guitar on a couple songs. You can listen to some sound bites of the new disc here: or live on youtube

Playing a ten hole diatonic harmonica, Carlos has developed the unique ability to play chromatically by using a recently developed "overblow" technique taught to him by jazz virtuoso Howard Levy. Overall, this approach to the diatonic harmonica, although much more difficult to achieve, is in many ways more expressive and communicative than the mechanized tone produced by the chromatic harmonica . Carlos is one of the few pioneers of this overblow method, bringing musical credibility to what has still been considered by many in the music industry - a fringe folk instrument. The sophisticated sound produced by del Junco is at once sensitive, soulful, and sexy while never forgetting the rawness inherent in blues music.

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Event Location : 662 North Road Gibsons BC

10 March 2019 To 10 March 2019
7:00 AM To 9:00 AM
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29 January 2019 To 8 March 2019
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Carlos del Junco  $  25.00 21/48