Are you Organizing an Event? 

  • Sell Tickets

  • Take Free Registration for Free events

  • Promote Free Events

  • Encourage Free ride sharing

Here’s how to get started!

  1. Create a free share-there account.
  2. Login to Share-There and see “Events” then “Create an Event”. Add your event info. and remember to “Save and Close” when you’re done. Login again later if you want to edit your draft event and make it live when you’re ready.
  3. Sell Tickets! We use a secure payment processor to sell tickets to your customers. You will need a Stripe account and it will automatically transfer money to your bank account. Please get started with Stripe at: It’s not as complicated as it sounds and we can help!
  4. Please call 604 741 3359 or email for support.

Here’s the info, you’ll need on hand to set-up a Stripe account:

Your name

Email address

A password

Information about yourself (as an individual) OR your organization (the “business” offering the event).

Several fields are not required (optional) so just provide the info. that you can.

If you don't have a website you can use your Share-There, Facebook  Linkedin or other social media profile link instead. Ask us how! Email

Note: you do not have to provide credit card info. Stripe just wants to know what your organization should be called when customers pay you (i.e.what name should appear on their credit card statement after paying you)??

Your bank account info.

Transit number

Institution number

Account number

For help please call  604 741 3359  or email

Ticket Processing Fees

Just like other ticket services, Share-There charges a small processing fee. Our rates are lower than our main competitors AND our unique adaptive payment system means you don't have to wait to get paid. As soon as tickets are purchased you receive proceeds directly to your Stripe account. 

The following fees are automatically added on during the customer check-out process.

  • Share-There charges a per-ticket service fee of 4.5%. Email for a detailed comparison of our rates at various price points.

  • Every on line purchase requires a secure financial processor. We use Stripe and their fees are also automatically charged at 3.5% + $0.30 per sale. Stripe rates are subject to change and are not controlled by Share-There.
  • No processing fees are charged for free events.

Find out all about tickets sales by reading the Ticket Sales Agreement